The industrial USB camera

Have you been searching for a while now for the proper industrial camera you need for your applications? Maybe you need it for pharmaceutical purposes or maybe for others, but a good machine vision camera is always the key to an application that works how you would like it to work. The better the camera after all, the better the data quality. A USB camera can offer this for you. These types of cameras are the most price competitive for the machine vision cameras available nowadays. There are two types of USB cameras we will cover: the USB2 and the USB3 camera. Both cameras are available at Get Cameras for high quality and an affordable price, something that is not seen a lot for these type of cameras. 

The USB camera for USB2

A USB 2 camera is generally the most price competitive interface among the available industrial machine vision cameras. In order to connect the USB2 camera, you are required to have a usb port that is fitted for the usb 2.0 type. Through this port, it is very easy to send data from the images of the machine vision cameras to the computer systems of your choice. Luckily, most computers and laptops will have this type of usb port nowadays. The USB camera has a bandwidth of about 40 megabytes for each second that passes, meaning that these cameras have a low frame rate. Some other features of the usb2 camera are listed below in order to create a lear oversight.

  • The industrial USB2.0 camera is generally cheaper than the gigabyte Ethernet cameras.
  • The cables for these type of USB cameras are relatively cheap and they have a maximum cable length of about 4.5 meters. 
  • With these type of USB cameras, there is no need for a frame-grabber. 
  • There is one USB cable needed to supply the camera with power and to communicate the data between the computer and the camera. 
  • Due to the fact that the camera has a bandwidth of about 40 megabytes per second, a 1.3 megapixel camera is able to capture a maximum of 25 images for each second that passes. 
  • There are versions available that have a digital in- and output version and that do not have this digital in- and output. 
  • The data from this type of industrial usb camera is very easy to integrate in all kinds of image processing applications. 

What about the usb3 camera?

It can be the case that you already know of the usb2.0 camera and are having doubts on deciding whether you want to get the usb2 camera or the usb 3 camera. If you are indeed deciding on this, then you have to take into consideration factors such the prices of these cameras, the product life cycles and the available drivers for these usb cameras. When you value the price more, then you should probably go the usb2 camera, since this type is cheaper. 

There are thus some nice usb cameras available, but whether you want to choose to get the usb2 or the usb3 camera is up to you. Whatever choice you make, you can get a good, affordable usb camera at Get Cameras!

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