Ideal for everyone: Marbella property

Have you always dreamt of having an escape in another country? What is not better than laying in the sun, away from everything hectic in your life and to just think about nothing. Spain would be the perfect country for this. Maybe you have always dreamt of getting a summer house or apartment in Spain, one which you could also let for the rest of the year.  realista offers a variety of properties in Spain. If you have a great love for luxury, then Marbella property would be ideal for you. Marbella is one of the most luxurious vacation destinations in southern Europe. It is located in the west of Costa del Sol, which lays along the Mediterranean coast. 


when considering Marbella property, it is of course good to know some practicalities about traveling to and from Marbella. 

  • It is 48 kilometers to travel from Malaga airport and Marbella, which is about a 30 minutes by car. 
  • Gibraltar airport is 77 kilometers away from Marbella, which makes Marbella reachable from this airport in just under an hour by car. 
  • Malaga is located 60 kilometers from Marbella. Malaga is thus nearby and would make a nice day trip.
  • Marbella has well-established connections for transport, making traveling pleasant and easy. 

Why Marbella property?

Marbella has many attractions for many different kinds of people. for once, it has a historic old town, with a beautiful Moorish castle. The city is practically a maze of narrow streets and it has several amazing churches to visit. Marbella is located close to the sea, which is reachable via its central Alameda park connecting the old town with the seafront. If you love Dali, this will be a great area to visit as there are many Dali sculptures to be found here. If you like boulevards, then Marbella will also not disappoint you. For the ones who absolutely want to live near the beach, then need not to worry! Because there are over 23 beaches within easy reach from any Marbella property. These leave you with many different choices on where to go. Whether you like a more family friendly beach or other kinds, it’s there in Marbella. 

Aside from the beaches and the historic old town of Marbella, Marbella property will only be more attractive when you know that there is a good amount of musea in Marbella, such as the Bonsai museum and the Ralli museum. What is also definitely astonishing to occasionally visit if you love history, are the Roman ruins. The Roman Villa in Puerto BanĂºs has for example beautiful mosaics that are not found everywhere. 

For the sports lovers, or more specific, Golf lovers, Marbella is just heaven. Any Marbella property ion realista is located on a golf course. Moreover, there are plenty of facilities for tennis and paddle tennis. Water sports fans have the oppertunity sail, kayak and fish. From any Marbella property at the resort you will also be able to hike the Sierra Blanca mountain range. 

In short, Marbella is ideal for a variety of people. It is perfect for sports lovers, for sniffing culture and history and also very important, Marbella property allows for a much needed break from every day life. So, take a look at Marbella property of realista!

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