My personal experience of buying a Benahavis property

I recently took my first step into the Benahavis property market. I had been wanting to buy a house in Spain for many years, and a recent unexpected financial boost finally gave me the chance. I know that, of all of Spain, a Benahavis property was the most interesting to me as I had loved the town when I had visited it in the past. What I did not know was how to go about finding the right place for me, nor the first thing about entering the Benahavis property market. I had a basic overview of what I wanted from the new home, which expanded somewhat after my financial windfall. This list included:

  • A sea view;
  • A modern, clean feel;
  • Parking;
  • A swimming pool, private if possible;
  • Air conditioning;
  • A minimum of three bedrooms.

This may well seem like a demanding list. I certainly thought that it was, particularly until my budget unexpectedly expanded. Even then, I was unsure if a Benahavis property existed on the market that would fulfil all of my wishes and I was quite prepared to compromise. Searching through Spanish property listing websites certainly did not do much for my optimism. I found them almost all to be incomplete, lacking in details and difficult to navigate. Some of the best known property listing sites in Spain often only included 1 or 2 photographs, provided almost no detail about location and contained apartments and houses which had been sold months before. Living in Northern Ireland made it difficult, if not impossible, to communicate properly with the Spanish estate agents and making appointments to view property was complicated to say the least. I had also heard all about Spanish bureaucracy and had more than enough experience of it through the years, and I was not looking forwards to that part of the process in the slightest. It all changed when I stumbled across

Getting expert help to find and buy a Benahavis property

Realista is a high-quality estate agent based on the Costa del Sol. They have many years of experience in the area, which I knew was going to be crucial in completing the process. The first thing that attracted my attention, though, was the fact that their website actually worked! On you can search through a long listing of properties based on property type, locations, the number of bedrooms, price-range and size. That was already a huge step forwards from what I had previously encountered. The listings that it returns are also of far superior quality than what I had previously encountered, both in terms of the properties available and the information that they provided. There were generally plenty of photographs available and a full description, in English, of the property. This made my search much easier than it had previously been. Suddenly the only problem that I had was making a choice. I now needed to choose a Benahavis property from a short-list of 8 or 9. Realista made this much easier for me, too.

Completing the purchase

I made contact with Realista and they arranged from me to go and visit each Benahavis property that I had selected, all within 2 days of each other during a short break that I had planned. Once I had made my choice they helped me navigate the specifics of the Benahavis property market so that I was able to get through the process as quickly as possible and become the owner of my dream Benahavis property sooner than I had imaged possible.

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