Get help to register a company in the Netherlands

If you want or need to register a company in the Netherlands, get experts to help you. That is, without a doubt, the best, most efficient way to register a company in the Netherlands. There are businesses such as Intercompany Solutions, based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, who are experts in the whole process. They can get your company up and running in a matter of a few days. Of course, you will pay to have experts register a company in the Netherlands for you, but I can assure you that the costs will pale in comparison with the time and energy that it saves you. Realistically, using Intercompany Solutions to register a company in the Netherlands will probably save you money as well, particularly when you take into account the other, productive things you can do with the same amount of time. Instead of communicating with Dutch entities like banks, the Kamer van Koophandel (the equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce) and the tax authorities, filling in a mountain of forms and spending time and money on translations, you can be working on building or extending a network, making plans for your new company or being productive in other ways. Realistically, hiring a group like Intercompany Solutions to register a company in the Netherlands is one of the best investments that anyone can make in the circumstances, even without the health and personal benefits of avoiding any stress involved in a process that can, at times, be rather complicated and frustrating for people who have never done it before.

Why you should get experts to register a company in the Netherlands for you

While there are several options to get expert help, there are few as efficient as Intercompany Solutions. If you are able to provide them with the necessary information, they expect to register a company in the Netherlands in a matter of days, often as little as 2 days if there are no unusual complications. They can help you with:

  • Getting an EORI number;
  • Getting a Dutch VAT number;
  • Opening a Dutch bank account;
  • Registering at the Kamer van Koophandel;
  • Registering the company name;
  • Registering shareholders and directors;
  • Any and all other legal or financial requirements.

Their experts have encountered almost any combination of circumstances that you might think of, which means that they can solve almost any problems that there may be in the process without you having to worry at any stage of the process. Once you have put the work in their experienced hands, you can sit back, relax and know that the process will be dealt with quickly, efficiently and with minimal effort from yourself.

How to enlist their services

When it becomes time to register a company in the Netherlands, Intercompany Solutions are easy to reach. Their website,, contains all of their contact information, and they offer a free initial consultation to be sure that they are able to assist you. You can call or e-mail them and they will respond quickly. A personal advisor will be assigned to your case to provide easy communication, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you extra peace of mind. Do not consider wasting time and money by going through the complex procedure required to register a company in the Netherlands on your own, contact the experts and make sure that everything is arranged correctly, quickly and efficiently by a team of experts who know all the requirements, all the pitfalls and all of the right people to talk to.

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