Company formation in The Netherlands?

We will start explaining what a company formation is. A company formation in The Netherlands, what is that exactly? The Dutch BV, which is a limited company is the most chosen company type for company formation in The Netherlands. This limited (ltd) company can be registered with a minimum share capital of 1 EUR, this according to corporate law. Set Up Your Dutch Company can help you with this. Do you want to know more about company formation in The Netherlands or Dutch Company formation and incorporation? Read this article. It can be very lucrative for companies but can also be lucrative for individuals. There are several reasons that should be considered when you think about starting a Dutch Company. Reasons are amongst others the following:

  • Highly educated workforce
  • Infrastructure and location
  • Political stability
  • International business environment

The procedure can be found on several websites and is also part of the advisory tasks that Set Up Your Dutch Company does. There are 5 steps, we will introduce them shortly. First, A Dutch BV is incorporated by a Dutch civil law notary, after the execution, 4 steps will follow. This includes the registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch tax authorities will issue tax numbers as well. 

Why would you choose The Netherlands, for a company formation in The Netherlands? 

There are several reasons to choose for a company formation. The Netherlands is a good place for a company formation, because in The Netherlands there is 20% corporate tax. This is one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, which still is not very low but for now it is low enough. Also, if you choose for this company formation, there is 0% Value Added Tax (VAT) for business between the European Union members states. Besides, our country is a core member of the European Union and has a high tech infrastructure and has leading world banks like ING, ABN Amro and also Rabobank. We know that things will change, but that is okay, it are still the leading banks. Almost all of the Dutch people are able to speak English, which is really helpful if we talk about a company formation in the Netherlands. But how does that, work, a company formation? It can be easy and it can be difficult, it is just how hard you make it. And what about the organization? Let’s find out. 

The organization of lawyers in The Netherlands: company formation in The Netherlands

Lawyers in The Netherlands is headquartered in the WTC: The World Trace Centre in Rotterdam. What are they? Lawyers in The Netherlands is an innovative provider of corporate services. They have offices in The Netherlands and have also more dan 30 partners. Where do they focus on? They focus on international entrepreneurs and investors. They provide solutions for competitive prices for them. Besides, they advice and they also provide guidance and information for the setting up of a company, but they give also advice on the setting up of a company structure. A company formation in The Netherlands is what they know about, they can definitely help you with this. When will you start your company formation in The Netherlands? 

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