All the reasons why you should apply for a virtual office in Amsterdam

The term virtual office is still rather new, but not less known among entrepreneurs. It can save you a lot of money, especially when you don’t live in the country you’re willing to start a business in. If that country is the Netherlands and you’re looking for a virtual office in Amsterdam, you might want to have a look at what Easy Start Office has to offer you. Easy Start Office helps foreign entrepreneurs establish their busines(ses) in Holland by providing them with an adres they can use as a registration adres at the Chambre of Commerce. Since you probably don’t actually live in Holland, you don’t have an adres to use for that, and renting an actual office would be way more expensive. Especially when you will never actually use that office space, a virtual office in Amsterdam would be the ideal way to establish yourself on the Dutch market. And if you prefer Rotterdam, it’s good to know that that’s an option as well. Since Easy Start Office has two locations; one in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam, you can choose between those two if you’re looking to setup your Dutch business. Renting a virtual office in Amsterdam is only slightly more expensive than renting it in Rotterdam. At the website of Easy Start office you can read all about the difference between these two, and why you might want to choose for either one of them.

The advantages of a virtual office in Amsterdam

There are several reasons why you might want to pick Amsterdam as the official location of your new Dutch business. To name a few:

  • Amsterdam is obviously the capital of the Netherlands, so it looks prestigious
  • Amsterdam knows a lot of international company headquarters, especially in software
  • Amsterdam is the biggest city in the Netherlands
  • Amsterdam has an interesting, international vibe and is home to many foreigners

Since such a high percentage of the Dutch population speaks English, it doesn’t really matter where you decide to establish your new Dutch business. You’ll find internationally focussed people and entrepreneurs everywhere. However, having a virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam does give you more of an international vibe, since both of those cities are home to many foreign entrepreneurs. If you’re not actually planning on moving to Holland, or using the actual office spaces of Easy Start Office, it really doesn’t matter wether you pick Amsterdam or Rotterdam as the location for your new business.

A virtual office including flexible work space

At Easy Start Office you rent that virtual office in as well Amsterdam as Rotterdam, but did you know they also have actual offices that you can use? They offer two different subscriptions for those who need that virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but also wish to use an actual office space. There’s the part time subscription, which allows you to work part time in their nicely decorated offices, or the fulltime option. Even their fulltime office rentals are way cheaper than renting an actual office in either one of those cities, so think twice before you do so, and contact Easy Start Office first, to find out what they can do for you.

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