The expertise of Hardick makes the best ptfe conveyor belts

The renown company of Hardick is one of the most innovative companies that are on the market right now. Built in 1913, it has a distribution of products all over the world and a connection of suppliers with a valuable managerial activity. In Holland ptfe material is widely used and produced with the biggest care and a safely guarded experience that has led us to keep this tradition and make it even better. Our industry has top-notch products that are based on the fabric of ptfe and is leading the way in order to serve the Carpet and Food industry, Rubber extrusion, a huge array of activity in the field of Photovoltaic, Textile, Non woven, Screen printing, Automotive, Packaging, Plastics, Aviation, Composite but also Can industry. Our employees are dedicated and very firm to our vision so we can stay on the top. The commitment and devotion to evolve are one of the resources that kept us alive and thriving in times of high competitiveness and challenging work. In order the quality to be as high as possible, we kept the standard of safe working on place and the efficiency untouched.

Having ptfe conveyor belts you maintain efficacy

The ptfe products that are being produced from Hardick are used for UV-Dryers, Infrared Dryers, Shrink tunnels, Cooling tunnels, Heatsealbelts, Reverse coating systems, Laminators, Dry ovens, Food industry belts and Glue processes. The products are widely used for different purposes, so we are always trying to expand and make our business more attracted to different investors. The technical advice of our employees is appreciated by our customers because they are well trained and ready to answer any question concerning the production line or any defective detail that has suddenly emerged. We support our clients wherever they are and we can as easily transport and supply a company in Canada, Australia and Japan as we do locally in Amsterdam. Our flexible service is so designed and structured to keep you up to date with existing products and solutions the whole week and our support team is up and running in order to serve anyone. Because of the large demand of ptfe material we have made possible to shorten delivery times and be available 24/7 during the rush hour. Hardick is interested in learning your concern and getting you a step forward toward your goal. Your satisfaction is our strength and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

We see every detail because the future of quality is here

Innovation needs the right tools and those are the right knowledge, the right service and a workforce that does its work confidently and to the last detail. We are therefore committed in our work to keep evolving and giving you the service you deserve. To ensure that ptfe fabrics and conveyor belts are well designed, we have a meticulous process that can detect any faulty product. The materials are produced fast and efficiently, so we understand that being on time and giving you what you need at the desired time is necessary and we make the whole procedure flawlessly and flowing without distractions. In case of a serious damage we can be at your place and repair the problem without having you to call a mechanic. Our workforce that designs ptfe is also available in weekends so you can easily discuss your situation on the time you want. Worrying is not part of the puzzle anymore, because we are here to give you a hand at the right time. Ptfe fabrics have always been our expertise and we love sharing it with you.

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